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We’ll be in touch about how a better life here is more than just a remote possibility.

Two people standing outdoors and appreciating the view of rocky cliffs, calm water, and quaint homes in Brigus

You don’t have to be from here to belong here.

Whatever your interests, you’ll find them here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Wildlife? Check. History? Of course. Amazing vistas? In spades. And culture? Unique, and inclusive.

A close-up of a dessert made with bakeapple jam, a uniquely flavoured and sweet Newfoundland and Labrador treat

Food Culture

You can tell a lot about a place by its food culture. And we’ve got signature dishes you won’t find anywhere else. The proof is in the partridgeberry.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an explosion of food culture across the province. Long known for seafood, wild game, and homegrown ingredients, we’ve earned a new reputation for mouth-watering culinary experiences by world-class chefs.

Our evolving food scene includes a variety of casual and fine dining restaurants with niche offerings. And while St. John’s is touted as our food-lover hotspot, there are celebrated restaurants across the entire province. Not to mention our frequent and nationally lauded food festivals that use fresh, local ingredients in delightfully modern ways.

Farmers’ Markets are the perfect place to get acquainted with the best from local farmers, diverse food artisans, and unique craftspeople. Endless new flavours and specialty foods await.

Keep reading about our food and dining.

Woman looking at a painting in The Rooms, an art gallery and museum in St. John’s

Arts & Culture

Living at the edge of North America, we have a culture that is one of a kind. We put our unique personality into everything we do – our architecture, crafts, town names, and even roads are all a bit off-kilter.

You’ll quickly learn that our way with words and knack for storytelling make us who we are. And we value helping one another – perhaps that's why Maclean’s magazine named Newfoundland and Labrador one of the Top 10 Friendliest Cultures in the World!

Our province is all about life’s simple joys. Some days, that means gathering around the kitchen, playing music in a crowd. Others, it’s enjoying a night of theatre or a tour of murals around town. Whatever your mood, there’s no shortage of cultural experiences to be found here.

Explore our arts and culture scene:

Woman standing outside an Oasis Pod, a modern structure for camping in Terra Nova National Park

Sports & Recreation

Our province has more than 30 provincial and national parks that conserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of this place – providing opportunities for people to explore and embrace nature.

The natural sports and recreation opportunities are endless. Here you can reawaken your sense of wonder when you cross the suspension bridge that leads to an abandoned village, while camping at La Manche Provincial Park. Take a stroll along some of the most magnificent sandy beaches at Sandbanks Provincial Park, one of the province’s best kept secrets. Or simply disconnect from the daily grind to reconnect with family and friends roasting marshmallows around the fire.

We are sincere in our commitment to promote healthy and active lifestyles. That’s why we allocated $7 million for the Physical Activity Tax Credit – an incentive program that provides families with a refundable tax credit of up to $2,000. Take part in sports programs and services with Sport NL, and join Recreation NL to keep up to date with programs and events.

Two adults enjoying a drink outside Rocket Bakery in St. John’s

Community Networking & Partnerships

We’re a welcoming people, and it’s never long before newcomers feel right at home. There are countless common interest groups to meet new friends. Whatever your niche, you’ll find like-minded people – who are just different enough to keep life interesting.

See our Directory of Community Sector Organizations to find your group.

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