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Young boy holding a toy dory as he walks through Winterton
Families & Child Care

It takes a village.
Welcome to yours.

Our province is the perfect place to feed children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. We pride ourselves on being a great place to raise a family and we know the importance of instilling confidence and healthy habits in children from a young age.

Young girl walking by colourful homes in Jellybean Row, downtown St. John’s

Early Learning and Child Care

Our Department of Education creates programs that foster healthy child development. The department helps families access child care, while monitoring and licensing child care facilities across the province. We also work with child care providers to build capacity in communities and promote best practices.

A family enjoys a stroll on Signal Hill, St. John’s walking past charming structures that overlook the Atlantic

Resources for Families

If you’re in need of child care services, the Early Learning and Child Care Directory lists our province’s regulated child care services and family resource programs. Here, you can feel confident that your little one is being cared for and nurtured by only the best.

Explore our Resources for Families to find support that suits you.

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